Saturday, October 12, 2013

Storytelling Fun

As a child, I constantly wrote stories. All kinds of stories. Stories about puppies and kittens, aliens, time travel, magicians, knights and castles, even one about a lonely teddy bear. And I even illustrated them. Now, when I come across those childhood stories in my old notebooks, I cringe. They were horrible. But I must have thought they were pretty good at the time, because I kept on writing them. And I still do. I enjoy writing as much as I enjoy reading.

Where I am going with this? Well, this is what I was referring to in my previous post. In that previous post I indicated that I would soon begin something new on this blog. That "something new" will be some fun ole storytelling. I won't (or perhaps I should say can't) promise much from it. I simply enjoy writing, so I figured I'd formulate some semblance of a story to liven up this blog.

A few details about the story that is thus far rattling around in my head:

1. The genre will be fantasy.

2. As a fan of fantasy, I have accumulated an extensive list of cliches within the genre. With this story, I must admit (or perhaps warn is the better term) that I intend on making a play on a number of those cliches. Why? Because that will be part of the fun of it. After all, why not attempt a parody-esque play on my favorite genre?

3. I will post installments of the story as often as I can (but of course this frequency will depend on things in life such as work, family, etc.). Some installments may be short, some may be long.

4. The story will be titled Riddled with Holes, for various reasons (the reader is free to decipher those various reasons as he or she wishes).

5. I have a basic idea in my head, but past that the story will be a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of thing. There will not be much forethought or planning going on within my head. That being said, things could unfold within the story in any given way or direction, likely depending on my mood at the time each installment is written. Also, I have no idea how long the story will be. I guess it'll reach its conclusion whenever the time seems right.

6. As I stated before, the reason I am writing this story is, simply put, for the sheer fun of it. As previously noted, I enjoy writing (and will take any chance I can to practice the hobby). Furthermore, I think this blog needs something different. So, I'll give this a shot.

That all being said, the first installment of Riddled with Holes will be posted soon.

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